Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the dress.

When it comes to picking out dresses, my Angela deserves a wifetime achievement award. She's had had her gown picked out since she was fact she wore it when she was ten to win the Miss Tiny Mid-Atlantic Bride. She's been dieting to get down to that very girlish figure. Her lacy frills will cover her from chin to toe; she's going to look just like a grown up Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie - HOT!

She'll be low bridin' in style with something old, new, borrowed and blue. Something old: the dress was handmade over two decades ago by one of her barren aunts. Something new: she bought a bandage to tie in some of her more womanly parts so she can better fit into her dress as well as look more appropriate for church. Something borrowed: my grandmother's silver pocket watch, Angela has anxiety attacks when she doesn't have a clock on her. And the something blue will actually come from me, I'll be there with the blue blood that runs through my veins... that and a beautiful boutonniere arranged with forget-me-nots to match my baby blue eyes. If she looks half as good as I will standing at that altar, she's going to be a stunning bride.


Hayley Winslow said...

ok seriously, I don't think I can let my husband hang out with you anymore. Your brain problems have completly taken over. Does Marolyn know about any of this?