Sunday, November 9, 2008

I have a "10-staple" wife.

Needless to say...we had a very interesting morning. Next to the witness of childbirth, I don't think I've ever seen so much blood. As we left for the hospital, I glanced back into the bathroom and it looked like an episode from Law and Order. Creepy. Long story short, my "MS" balance issues must have rubbed off on her, but she is doing fine now (besides the hole in her head).


Grandma Pfunder said...

"Oh Marolyn!, That looks like it hurts so bad. Have Kevin and the girls take care of you.
Be safe.

Hayley Winslow said...

Marolyn- I will come help with whatever. I know how much it hurts to sleep (or should I say not sleep) on a stapled head. Just call whenever, or better yet, I'll call you. I know you won't ask for help. I hope you're ok.

Jodi said...

um... how in the world?
you'll have to tell us the whole story next time we see you guys. Hope she's ok.